Aspheric Plano Convex Lenses

Aspheric Plano Convex Lenses

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The aspheric shape allows the lens to achieve a shorter focus with smaller spherical aberration than provided by a similar convex surface of a plano convex lens. The lens is used for squeezing small illumination light or condensing efficiently the light emanating from a single point.
Name Diameter φD Focal length Material Delivery Price Add to cart
Aspheric Condenser Lens 20mm Diameter 12mm Focal Length
20mm 12mm FDS90
6-12 weeks
Aspheric Condenser Lens 15mm Diameter 12mm Focal Length
15mm 12mm FDS90
6-12 weeks
Aspheric Condenser Lens 20mm Diameter 31.7mm Focal Length
20mm 31.7mm BK7
6-12 weeks
Aspheric Condenser Lens 15mm Diameter 31.7mm Focal Length
15mm 31.7mm BK7
6-12 weeks

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◦Aspheric lenses can be used in a wide range from the visible to infrared of 1.5μm wavelength.
◦There are two types of AGL-31.7P with a reduced spherical aberration by the plano convex lens of BK7 and AGL-12P with high NA using (FDS-90) high refractive index glass (FDS90).
◦An aspheric shape can be produced by using a special polishing equipment. Polished Aspheric lenses do not have shrinkage, cracking and chipping which usually appear in molded aspheric lenses.

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