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Computer Interface Options

Micro Stepping

Min. / Max. Driving Speed

Additional Features

Relative Price

Standard Stepper Controllers

The GSC series controllers are our most cost-effective stepper controller and provide basic control for the 5-phase stepper motor actuators and stages. Half stepping is supported.


1 axis

2 axes


Up to 2 steps

100 Pulses/Sec

20,000 Pulses/Sec


Limit switch detection, Requires AC-ADP-2427 power supply


Micro Stepping Controller

The SHOT-702 series controller includes a micro-step driver to enable ultra-fine resolution for the stepper motor stages and actuators.

2 axes



Up to 250 steps

1 Pulse/Sec

500,000 Pulses/Sec


Limit switch detection, E-Break for Motor


Low Noise Controller

The HSC 3-axis controller is designed to provide low noise and high current capacity for driving larger stepper motor stages.  The driving speed is 8X higher than the other controllers

3 axes



40 steps, fixed

1 Pulse/Sec

4,000,000 Pulses/Sec


Low noise and vibration driver design, High driving current capacity, 3-axis Linear Interpolation, Circular Interpolation


Closed-Loop Controller

The SHOT-GS controllers provide full closed-loop functionality for 2- or 4- axis stage systems. 

2 axes

4 axes



Up to 250 steps

1 Pulse/Sec

500,000 Pulses/Sec


Closed-loop Control, Control programs can be stored in internal memory, Linear Interpolation (2 axes), Circular Interpolation, Requires CJ-200A control pad


Closed Loop, Extendable Controller

The HIT controllers can be daisy-chained together to control 8 stages. They run in a master/slave configuration and provide full closed-loop functionality for any combination of 2-phase and  5-phase stepper-motor stages


2 to 8 axes


RS232C, USB, Ethernet

Up to 250 steps

1 Pulse/Sec

500,000 Pulses/Sec


There is a version for controlling 2-phase stepper motors, has a Closed-loop control function, and Requires the AC-ADP-2427 power supply for each unit.

1-Axes: $$$ (Requires Master and Slave controllers)

Additional Axes ea:  $

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