Piezo-Assist Stages, Z-Axis

Piezo-Assist Stages, Z-Axis

Piezo-Assist Linear Stages are vertical travel, single-axis manual linear translation stages, equipped with piezo-assist adjustment. The mechanism is a lead zirconate titanate (PZT) crystal, which proportionally changes its static dimension when an external electric field is applied to it. The piezo adjustment is designed to be used in conjunction with the micrometer to extend the stage resolution from 10μm down to <20nm.  Piezo-assist stages are frequently used in applications such as microscopy, metrology, optical fiber alignment, interferometry, or wherever submicron linear positioning is required.  Industries that utilize linear stages include research, bio-medical, life sciences, astronomy, metrology, semiconductor, and more.  Z-axis Piezo-Assist Linear Stages are available in 25, 40, and 60-millimeter platform sizes and are available in two different mounting designs: horizontal surface or vertical surface.  These stages are also specifically designed to be stacked with other linear and rotation stages having the same size and mounting threads. Controllers are available in 1 axis and 3-axis versions.  If one of our many catalog piezo-assist stages does not meet your requirements, just send us a request for a custom version.  OptoSigma is, after all, the industry leader in translation stages.

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