Brass Post Holders

Brass Post Holders

Our brass post holders are the original versions typically used in Japan.  These post holders are in non-imperial sizes only: 6mm, 12mm, and 20mm.  They have the threaded stud machined into the post rather than it being a separate part.  The post holder is also a slightly different design than the current US or EU standard.  The material for the post holders is the traditional optomechanical material, solid brass instead of aluminum.  Additionally, the internal diameter on these post holders is not the typical double-bored type with the  kinematic "bumps". Rather, it is a single-bored high-tolerance slip-fit hole.  It's such a tight fit, air has difficulty escaping when the post in inserted in.  These products can be used on optical tables but keep in mind that the posts will not be compatible with the typical US or EU 12.7mm post diameter standard.  

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