Notch Filters

Notch Filters

Notch filtersare also known as a Band Stop filter or Band Reject Filter. These filters reject/attenuate signals in a specific frequency band called the stop band frequency range and pass the signals above and below this band. For example, if a Notch Filter has a stop band frequency from 1500 MHz to 1550 MHz, it will pass all signals from DC to 1500 MHz and above 1550 MHz. It will only block those signals from 1500 MHz to 1550 MHz. In telephone technology, Notch filters are also used as the telephone line noise (Harmonics) reducer and DSL performance of internet service. Other common applications include; Optical communication technologies and the best example is Raman Spectroscopy. At the end of optical fiber, there may be some interfering frequencies of light that make the distortions in the light beam of optical fiber. Then these distortions are eliminated by the narrow band-stop filters. In image and signal processing, these filters are highly preferred to eliminate noise and used to reduce the static on the radio, which is commonly used in our daily life. Custom options - please contact our sales department

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