• Microscope Objectives


    Objectives are the business end of microscopes, but they have also found uses in many other applications like high power lasers, as well as UV and IR applications.  OptoSigma objectives come in 5x to 100x magnifications and can also be provided with cover glass compensation which can be modified to correct spherical aberration for looking into samples of various indices of refraction.  We also offer long working distance objectives and if chromatic aberration correction is required, OptoSigma also offers reflective objectives optimized for broadband use.  Our standard objectives are infinity corrected Completely custom objectives are possible, just ask.

  • Zoom Microscopes

    OptoSigma's Modular Zoom Microscopes are designed for high-resolution observation and feature continuously variable (rather than stepped) magnification.  The modular design means it can be set up like a standard upright microscope or integrated into a larger optical system in any orientation.  The zoom feature can be either manual or motorized. 
    Two types of zoom microscopes are available.  The first type, SIZM,  has an infinite conjugate design so it can be used with standard infinity-corrected objectives from OptoSigma or other manufacturers. A 50X objective, for example, will provide continuous magnification from 12X to 165X.  The second type, SZL, is specifically designed for use over long working distances, up to 500mm. This makes them particularly useful for observations within inaccessible locations such as high-temperature furnaces or vacuum chambers.  These microscopes are modular, allowing users to select the exact features and options needed for their application.  Additional modular components include objective lenses, light sources, digital cameras, motorized zoom controllers, and mounting adaptors.
  • Modular Microscope Systems (OUCI)


    OptoSigma's Modular Microscopes are designed for high-resolution inspection applications and are particularly useful for Multi-wavelength observations with multiple cameras. These microscopes are modular, allowing users to select the exact features needed for their application. The key feature of the OUCI Modular Microscopes is the Illumination, Observation, and laser induction beam paths are folded Together into a single Beam Path.

  • Super Resolution Microscopes


    In the early 2000s a group of researchers began to develop a technology called Optical Microsphere Nanoscopy (OMN). OMN was incorporated into a revolutionary instrument named the OptoNano, the world’s first nano-scale imaging tool in ambient air with a controllable working distance, providing resolution down to 137nm with no sample preparation required. OptoNano microscopes have not only broken the optical limit but also the barriers of high cost and high complexity of operations to super-resolution microscopy. This has opened a new paradigm to enable the adoption of this unique super-resolution microscopy technology by users from research labs to bio-chemical scientists to industrial production floor applications.

  • Microscope Sample Stages


    Motorized xy microscope sample stages provide automated, high-resolution positioning for most microscopes.  Motion is provided by pulse control. micro-step method.  Various microscope connection adapters are available as options, including an optional joystick controller.  The sample software can be downloaded from our website.

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