EXC™ Precision-Bearing Steel Stages

EXC™ Precision-Bearing Steel Stages

Our vertical travel EXC™ Precision-Bearing Steel Stages feature Opto Sigma's patented EXC™ precision bearing ways, providing the highest performance stages in our lineup. These bearing ways are not separate parts, as with competing stages, but processed directly into the body and base of the stage resulting in the highest stiffness, straightness and smoothness of any stage on the market. This  bearing design means that there is nothing to come loose or un screwed, so it's impossible to lose your preload. OptoSigma's  bearing technology also gives our stages other advantages like high load capacity and lowest profile vs. any stage on the market. They remain unmatched in overall performance to this day. All EXC™ stages are made entirely from hardened tool steel and are plated with an RoHS-Compliant black chrome.   If one of our many catalog stages does not meet your requirements, send us a request for a custom stage.  OptoSigma is, after all, the industry leader in translation stages.

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