Other 12.7-mm Post and Post Holders

Other 12.7-mm Post and Post Holders

OptoSigma provides more 1/2-in.  post holder options than just the basics.  Here, there are modular post holders with removable bases which allow the user to remove the post-held item from the setup and then return it to the exact same location.  Also included here are adjustable-height post holders which employ a helical thread similar to what is used on a zoom lens. It provides rapid but smooth vertical translation of the post

  • Removable-Base Post Holders


    OptoSigma’s removable base post holders have a through hole on the side for tightening and loosening the post with a hex wrench.  We also offer high stability ball plunger used for coarse/fine rotation and height adjustments of posts.  This offers three points of contact with the post holder as opposed to the conventional two contact points preventing posts from slipping as well and smooth adjustment with one hand when the clamp is loosened.  The adjustment screw on the bottom of the post holder can be rotated in 90-degree increments and can be mounted with different adapters.  Please fill out our custom request form for custom OEM applications.

  • Adjustable Height Post Holders

  • Post Clamps and Collars


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