Laser Protective Eyewear

Laser Protective Eyewear

OptoSigma by Yamamoto laser safety product line is a trusted name in the laser safety industry. Our laser goggles are extensively tested to ensure you get the maximum protection. We offer a wide variety of styles, types, and wavelength coverage to choose from. The frames have multiple adjustments to enable tight fitting protection and comfort.

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Laser_Safety_Glasses_Selection_1 UVBG DYE LDNIR FIBER CO2C CBIR CYAG MBLD MSHG MVLD MRLB MRGB YL-130-EX YL-130-Y2 YL-130-DYE YL-130-ALX YL-130-Y1(50) YL-120H-Y1 YL-130C-Y2 YL-130M-Y2 YL-130M-VLD