AC Servo Stages

AC Servo Stages

Our AC servomotor stages incorporate encoders for providing feedback and closed-loop control. These motors can be positioned to high accuracy, meaning that they can be controlled exactly as required for the application. Often AC servomotors have better bearings or higher tolerance designs mostly used in applications requiring versatility and a high level of precision.  The advantage of AC servomotors over stepper motors is the incorporation of constant positional feedback, which results in higher torque at higher speeds. AC servomotors also draw less current than stepper motors, resulting in higher efficiency and lower heat production.  These stages are available in the following travel range options:  35, 80, 100 and 200 mm.   If one of our many catalog stages does not meet your requirements, send us a request for a custom stage.  OptoSigma is, after all, the industry leader in translation stages

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