Infinite Conjugate Motorized Zoom Microscope

Infinite Conjugate Motorized Zoom Microscope

OptoSigma's infinite Conjugate Zoom Microscopes are designed for high-resolution observation and feature continuously variable (rather than stepped) magnification.  The modular design means it can be set up like a standard upright microscope or integrated into a larger optical system in any orientation.  The zoom feature is motorized but can also be operated manually.  The infinite conjugate design allows this microscope body to be used with standard infinity-corrected objectives from OptoSigma or other manufacturers. The zoom ratio of 14:1 means that a 50X objective, for example, will provide continuous magnification from 12X to 165X.  With this configuration, the SIZM will be able to resolve features as small as 600nm. See the table below for additional details.


Specifications for SIZM by Objective Magnification

Objective Magnification
SIZM Zoom Ratio
Continuous Magnification Range
Resolution Range
FOV Diameter Range

5X (0.13NA)

14 : 1

1 - 16X

10.6 - 2.6μm

5.00 - 0.49mm

10X (0.30NA)

14 : 1

2 - 33X

5.3 - 1.1μm

2.50 - 0.24mm

20X (0.40NA)

14 : 1

5 - 66X

2.7 - 0.8μm

1.25 - 0.12mm

50X (0.55NA)

14 : 1

12 - 165X

1.1 - 0.6μm

0.50 - 0.05mm

100X (0.80NA)

14 : 1

24 - 329X

0.5 - 0.4μm

0.30 - 0.02mm


SIZM Configuration Example

The SIZM microscope body is modular, allowing users to select the exact features and options needed for their application.  It is compact enough to be integrated into a larger analytical system or be set up as a stand-alone unit for a research application.  The diagram below shows an upright SIZM microscope configuration assembled using standard catalog components.  


Features and Options 

Modular components include selections of objective lenses, light sources, digital cameras, motorized zoom controllers, and mounting adaptors.
  1. Infinite Conjugate Zoom Microscope Body
    Infinite Conjugate Zoom Microscope Body
    This lens tube body is designed for creating an infinite conjugate zoom microscope. The zoom feature allows continuously adjustable magnification as opposed to changing magnification in large steps by switching objective lenses.

    (See more on SIZM)

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