1-Axis Stainless Steel Goniometers

1-Axis Stainless Steel Goniometers


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GOHS-A dovetail goniometers are made for use in 1E-6 Torr vacuum or clean room environments and are available in 40-mm square platform sizes. They are driven by a high-tolerance worm-gear mechanism which yields angular position readable to less than 12 arc minutes using the vernier scale. As with all goniometers, the axis of rotation is situated parallel to and above the mounting platform. The two GOHS goniometers are designed to be stacked so that they have intersecting orthogonal axes of rotation. In this configuration, they have capability for orbit-like positioning about a single point. Opto Sigma vacuum compatible goniometers have vented attachment holes and are lubricated with a high-grade vacuum grease (YVAC2).
Name Stage Size Angle Range Load Capacity Delivery Price Add to cart
40X40mm Goniometer, V6 Vacuum Compatible, Stainless Steel , 1-Axis, +/-20 deg, 35mm Axis Ht, Worm-gear, M4 Thd
40×40mm ±20° 68.7N (7.0kg)
6-12 weeks
40X40mm Goniometer, V6 Vacuum Compatible, Stainless Steel , 1-Axis, +/-20 deg, 15mm Axis Ht, Worm-gear, M3 Thd
40×40mm ±20° 68.7N (7.0kg)
6-12 weeks

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Designed for use in hard vacuum applications, Both the stage and micrometer are made from stainless steel and come with high grade vacuum grease.
Also ideal for use in airtight and contamination sensitive spaces where minimal outgassing is required.

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