Motorized Stage/Controller/Cable Sets


Motorized Stage/Controller/Cable Sets
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These sets include all components neccesary to operate the motorized stages they include.
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Set Motorized Three Axis Linear Stage Travel 85mm XY 10mm Z with Controller Cables and Joystick
85mm(XY axis)10mm(Z axis) 3 m
6-12 weeks
Stage Size 60×60mm
Travel 85mm(XY axis)10mm(Z axis)
Load Capacity 29.4N(3kgf)
Cable Length 3m
Set Motorized Single Axis Stage 60mm size 20mm Travel with Controller and Cables
±20mm 3 m
6-12 weeks
Stage Size 60×60mm
Travel 20mm
Load Capacity 49N(5.0kgf)
Cable Length 3m
Set Motorized Two Linear One Rotation Axis Stage 120mm size with Controller and Cables
6-12 weeks
Stage Size φ120mm
Travel ±6°(θ axis)60mm(XY axis)
Load Capacity 58.5N(6kgf)
Cable Length 3m
Set Motorized Two Axis Stage 120mm size 60mm Travel with Controller and Cables
±60mm 3 m
6-12 weeks
Stage Size 120×120mm
Travel 60mm
Load Capacity 88.2N(9kgf)
Cable Length 3m

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X axis Set/This set enables automatic positioning along one linear axis. The controller includes a manual Jog control.
XY axis Set/This set enables XY axis automatic alignment and program operation without using a PC.
XYθ axis Set/Motorized stage system for minute positioning and angle adjustment such as for marking of semiconductor wafers..
XYZ axis Set/This set is best suited for measuring and inspection equipment and for XYZ axis automatic positioning of workpieces.

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