X Axis Stages

X Axis Stages


Stage Bearing Performance Selection Guide

Precision (EX)C™ Bearing



Crossed-Roller Bearing



Ball Bearing



Dove Tail/Lapped Bearing




(EX)c™ bearing technology is used exclusively in our highest performing stages.

Crossed Roller bearing stages provided a good balance of straightness and load capacity

Ball bearing stages provide cost-effective solutions for standard research applications

Dove Tail/Lapped Bearing stages


Highest tolerances provides best overall performance with lowest profile

Largest platform and longest travel range options

Most affordable with many size options

Best for use in OEM Set-and-Lock Applications

Primary Stage Material

Hardened Black Steel or Stainless Steel




Standard Platform Sizes

(25, 40, 60, 65, 80, 100, 120) mm

(25, 40, 60, 65, 80, 100, 120, 200, 300) mm

(25, 40, 60, 65) mm

(15, 25, 40, 60, 65) mm

Relative Comparison of 40x40 Stages

Height Profile

(The lowest value is best)

precision_bearingBest (10 or 16 mm)

4th Best (19 mm)

2nd Best (16 mm)

3rd Best (18 mm)

Relative Straightness

(The lowest value is best)

precision_bearingBest (0.5 µm)

2nd Best (2 µm)

3rd Best (3 µm)

4th Best (10 µm)

Relative Load Capacity

(The highest value is best)

precision_bearingBest (20 kgf)

3rd/4th Best (5 kgf)

3rd/4th Best (5 kgf)

2nd Best (10 kgf)

Relative Bending Stiffness

(The lowest value is best)

precision_bearingBest (0.30 “/N·cm)

3rd/4th Best (0.66 “/N·cm)

3rd/4th Best (0.66 “/N·cm)

2nd Best (0.61 “/N·cm)

Relative Mass/Weight

(The lowest value is best)

3rd Best (0.20 kg)

precision_bearingBest(0.13 kg)

2nd Best (0.15 kg)

4th Best (0.30 kg)

Relative sliding friction

precision_bearing1st/2nd/3rd Best

precision_bearing1st/2nd/3rd Best

precision_bearing1st/2nd/3rd Best

4th Best

Relative Shock-load Damage Resistant (Qualitative)

2nd Best

4th Best

3rd Best


Relative Price 2018

(The lowest value is best)

$250 USD

$250 USD

$115 USD

precision_bearingBest $80 USD