Pellin Broca Prism


Pellin Broca Prism
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Pellin Broca prism is a dispersing Brewster prism and is designed to emit in the direction of perpendicular to the incident beam. When the incident beam from a YAG laser is at Brewster angle it is possible to separate the second harmonic generation beam (532nm) and the fundamental harmonic generation beam (1064nm).
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Pellin Broca Prism 30x50x20mm
6-12 weeks
Material Synthetic fused silica
Design wavelength 706nm (Midway between 532nm to 1063nm)
Angle tolerance ±3′
Surface flatness of substrate λ/10
Surface Quality <br> (Scratch-Dig) 20-10
A 30mm
B 50mm
C 20mm
θ1 56.13°
θ2 79.5°

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◦The Pellin Broca prism is using Brewster angle and the critical angle to reduce reflection losses and obtain high transmittance.
◦There is no coating on the surface of the Pellin Broca prism so it can be used with high energy pulsed laser.
◦This prism is used at the (Brewster angle) angle of light intensity of the beam of light (invisible) of the YAG fundamental harmonic generation and second harmonic generation beam to minimize reflection by the prism incident surface.
◦Make sure to use polarization direction of laser beam parallel to the bottom surface of the prism.
◦It can also be used for multi-wavelength oscillation laser spectroscopy of an Argon laser.

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