Manual positioners


Vacuum Guide for Stainless Steel Stages

The amount of gas emitted from a vacuum compatible manual stage was measured.
According to the analysis of gas, the gas consists mainly of water and hydrocarbon. It is assumed that moisture on the stage surface and part of the grease used as drive lubricating oil evaporated.

Emitted amount of gas
Part Number Emitted Amount of Gas Q
(after 40 minutes of emission)
(Torr·ℓ/s/unit) (Pa·ℓ/s/unit)
TSDS-602S 3.57×10-5 4.76×10-3
TSDS-603 1.65×10-5 2.20×10-3
Emitted amount of gas

Evaluation and Device Specifications

Exhaust system :
Turbo-Molecular Pump STP-301
Seiyu Instruments Inc. (Now Edwards Japan Limited)
Pumping speed: 300ℓ/sec

Mass spectroscope :
Quad Mass Spectrometer QME200
Pfeiffer Vacuum
Mass range: 1 - 200amu

Vacuum of Vacuum Chamber
Vacuum of Vacuum Chamber
Mass Component Ratio
Mass Component Ratio
Interpretation of Mass Peak

The following list shows major gases that appear for each mass number when mass peaks (mass spectra) of residual gas are measured, and their interpretations.

List of Residual Gas Spectra

Interpretation of Mass Peak

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