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Laser Shield Curtain Guide

These products are intended for protection or shielding from accidental exposure to scattered laser light.
Absorb indirect scattering light of laser light to protect the eye. The type, wavelength and optical density (OD) of laser light to be absorbed are inscribed on these products.

  • Apply to windows, inset windows or partitions in laser controlled areas in laboratories and factories.
  • Effective as safety measures for expected and unexpected visitors, since laser injuries can occur instantaneously.

How to Attach and Install

Replace curtains periodically because the optical density may deteriorate depending on the usage or storage environment (direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity) or due to scratches.

These products are made of flexible PVC, which may be vulnerable to degradation by organic solvents, acids, and alkalies, depending on the solvent type. If stained, wash with water containing a neutral detergent or wipe with alcohol.
Also wipe with alcohol when curtains become cloudy over time with oily exudations (plasticizer).

Installation method of YLC laser shield curtain
  1. Wipe the glass clean.
  2. Spray water onto the glass surface.
  3. Apply the product to the wet glass.
  4. Push out water and air from underneath the product by moving a rubber spatula on top of the product from the center to its edges.
Attaching method of YL-600 laser curtain
  • Do not use with incompatible lasers or wavelengths.
    (Even if laser names are the same, their wavelengths might be different.)
  • Do not use products that are damaged or after they have received large laser energy.
  • Never subject laser (shield) curtains to direct laser beam exposure. Direct exposure may damage the curtains.
  • These are not protective equipments that completely absorb laser light.
    (Refer to the absorption characteristic graph.)
  • Do not directly look into the laser beam through laser (shield) curtains.

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