Remote Controller for DC Motorized Actuators

Remote Controller for DC Motorized Actuators


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This is a dedicated controller and changing-over switch box for the remote actuator (SGDC10-13).
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Changing-over switch BOX
2 weeks
Remote Controller
6-12 weeks
Remote Controller
2 weeks

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◦Since USB interface is a standard feature, it can easily be operated from the PC. (Except for SRC-303)
◦Since the remote control is possible, it can also be used in a hard place to work as well as a narrow place.
◦The speed can be adjusted while driving with SRC-101 and SRC-201. * Adjust by variable speed knob and I/O
The changing-over switch box (SRC-303) is an axis selector, which can deliver control on multiple axes (2-axis or 3-axis) from a single axis remote controller (SRC-101 or SRC-201). The axis in motion is changed by the switching knob of SRC-303.

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