Optical Fiber Collimator Holder


Optical Fiber Collimator Holder
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Holder for Optical Fiber Collimator Housing (FC-12.7PC/APC). This holder can adjust the beam angle from optical fiber.
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Optical Fiber Collimator Housing Holder for 12.7mm Diameter
in stock
Compatible Diameter φ12.7mm
Compatible Depth 4mm
Number of Adjustment Axes 2
Adjustment Range /Tilt ±3°
Adjustment Range /Rotation ±3°
Resolution Tilt about 0.41°/ Rotation
Resolution Rotation about 0.41°/ Rotation

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◦ Small enough to keep the optical unit compact.
◦ Can be used as mirror holder for φ12.7mm optic.
◦ Easy to mount/dismount the optical fiber connectors.
◦ 0.15mm pitch precision screws for high resolution angle adjustment.

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