Top-Adjust Mirror Mounts

Top-Adjust Mirror Mounts

Top Adjust mirror mounts have vertically oriented adjustments located safely and conveniently above the mirror so your hands are never in the beam path. This configuration enables thinner profiles for use with beam splitters and in compact spaces.

Φ10.0 (0.4")*
Φ12.7 (0.5")
Φ15.0 (0.6")*
Φ25.4 (1.0")
Φ30.0 (1.2")*
Φ50.0 (1.9")*
Φ50.8 (2.0")
Φ60.0 (2.4")*

  • Slim profile
  • Gimbal adjustment option
  • Ideal for beam splitting optics
  • Knob, micrometer or differential adjustments
  • Small Top-Adjust Mounts
  • Micrometer Vertical Control Mounts
  • Gimbal Top-Adjust Mounts
  • Beam Splitter Top-Adjust Mounts
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