True Gimbal Mirror Mounts

True Gimbal Mirror Mounts

Gimbal mounts have axes of rotation (pitch and yaw) which intersect at the center of the surface plane of the optic so that the beam length will not change during adjustment. True gimbal mounts always have rotation axes that are true (parallel and orthogonal) to the mounting surface. This configuration eliminates cross talk between the adjustments.

Φ20.0 (0.8")*
Φ25.0 (1.0")
Φ30.0 (1.2")*
Φ40.0 (1.6")*
Φ50.0 (1.9")*
Φ50.8 (2.0")
Φ60.0 (2.4")*
Φ80.0 (3.2")*

  • Full 360-deg. rotation in both axes
  • Both manual coarse and fine screw adjustment
  • Knob, micrometer or differential adjustments
  • Constructed from solid brass
  • Screw-Adjust Gimbal Mirror Mounts
  • Micrometer-Adjust Gimbal Mirror Mounts
  • Screw-Adjust Gimbal Beam Splitter Mounts
  • Micrometer-Adjust Gimbal Beam Splitter Mounts
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