Vacuum iris diaphragm

Vacuum iris diaphragm


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These are stainless steel iris diaphragms which can change it's aperture size. It is mainly used for optical axis alignment of the laser beam and blocking the return light or stray light.
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Vacuum Iris Diaphragm with 22mm Maximum Aperture
6-12 weeks
Vacuum Iris Diaphragm with 36mm Maximum Aperture
6-12 weeks
Vacuum Iris Diaphragm with 15mm Maximum Aperture
6-12 weeks

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◦ It also can be used in a UV optical system or in a clean room.
◦ By sliding the adjustment lever, 12pcs diaphragm blades can be controlled and aperture will have a shape similar to a circular shape. By turning the adjustment lever, the aperture diameter can be fixed.
◦ The scale for aperture diameter is in the front of the holder.
◦ To minimize the outgassing, venting hole and grooving are provided onto screw holes and inset sections.

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