Compact Motorized Polarizer Holder


Compact Motorized Polarizer Holder
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Automatically rotating the polarizer (30mm outer diameter, 2.5-8.3mm thickness).
Utilizing our OSMS-60YAW motorized rotation stage to realize high accuracy rotation alignment.
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Guide ▶Adapters, which are available individually, can be easily installed onto the mounting surface of stage (OSMS-60YAW or discontinued SGSP-60YAW-0B). The optics is secured using retaining ring.
▶To secure the optics, a retaining ring spanner is required.
▶Please contact us for installation onto other automatic rotation stages.
▶Please contact us for mounting prisms with different sizes.

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Motorized Polarizer Holder
2-3 weeks
Composition OSMS-60YAW + OSMS-60-WHD-30 + RO-12-60
Compatible Optics Diameter φ30mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 2.5 - 8.3mm
Rotation Range Move in the counterclockwise CCW direction to ∞, and stop at near 0 degree (−2.5°) in the clockwise CW direction.
Resolution (Full)0.005°/pulse, (Half)0.0025°/pulse
MAX Speed 30°/sec
Compatible Controller GSC-01, GSC-02, SHOT-702, GIP-101, SHOT-302GS, SHOT-304GS, HIT-M, HIT-S, PGC-04-U, HSC-103
Compatible Cable D15RP-CA
Adapter for Waveplate
2 weeks
Compatible Optics Diameter φ30mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 2.5 - 8.3mm

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◦Can be operated with our controller (see below the table).

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