Iris Diaphragm

Iris Diaphragm

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IDC - IH-30N

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Iris diaphragm holders that can change the aperture size without changing the center of the aperture. Primarily used in the limited spaces of optical instruments to set an aperture size.
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Iris Diaphragm with 36mm Maximum Aperture
2 weeks
Iris Diaphragm with 15mm Maximum Aperture
2 weeks
Iris Diaphragm with 50mm Maximum Aperture
2 weeks
Iris Diaphragm with 8mm Maximum Aperture
2 weeks
Iris Diaphragm with 22mm Maximum Aperture
2 weeks
Iris Diaphragm Holder for 30mm Aperture
2 weeks
Iris Diaphragm with 12mm Maximum Aperture
2 weeks

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◦Unmounted iris diaphragms are ideal for OEM applications or for use when space is a premium.
◦The IDC series’s thinness allows optics to be placed closed to each other.
◦The adjustment lever also functions as a lock to fix the aperture diameter.

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