High-Power Zoom Laser Beam Expander

High-Power Zoom Laser Beam Expander


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It is capable of 1× to 3× times changing high-power zoom Laser beam expander. Fine adjustment of the collimator is available with diopter correction function. It can be used in an optical system with high precision, such as a laser interferometer and processing by the lens design that takes into account the wavefront aberration.
Name Design wavelength Laser Damage Threshold Material Delivery Price Add to cart
High-Power Zoom type Laser Beam Expander 532nm 1X-3X
532nm 5.0J/cm2 Synthetic fused silica
3-6 weeks

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◦The optical design of the beam expander is an air gap configuration that does not use an adhesive to bond the lenses. This allows the beam expander to be used with a high-power laser. By the Galileo type lens configuration, it reduces the number of aberration correction lens, and enables the shorter overall length of the beam expander.
◦By turning the diopter ring that is attached to the center of the beam expander, you can make variable beams such as the focused beam, collimated beam, and the divergent beam. It is used when you want to vary the position of the beam waist and if strict collimation adjustment is necessary.

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