Paraboloid Mirrors

Paraboloid Mirrors


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Paraboloid mirror is a curved mirror that converts diverging light from a point of light source into parallel light. By making the paraboloid a curved surface, it is possible to retrieve parallel light more efficiently than a spherical concave mirror. An example use of paraboloid mirror is as a lamp reflector of a microscope.
Name Diameter φD Focal length Delivery Price Add to cart
Paraboloid Mirror 100mm Diameter 12.5mm Focal Length
100mm 12.5mm
5-10 days
Paraboloid Mirror 152mm Diameter 30mm Focal Length
152mm 30mm
5-10 days
Paraboloid Mirror 105mm Diameter 15mm Focal Length
105mm 15mm
3-6 weeks
Paraboloid Mirror 152mm Diameter 17mm Focal Length
152mm 17mm
3-6 weeks

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◦It obtains high performance condensing by precision aspheric surface processing.
◦It can provide long-term stability because it has a protective scratch-resistant coating over aluminum.
◦It is easy to position the light source at the focusing point because there is a hole on the axis of the paraboloid.
◦By entering the thick parallel light, it allows the light to be collected at one point.

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