Frameless Beamsplitter Unit


Frameless Beamsplitter Unit
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Frameless mounting is designed to minimize product footprint and maximize the front surface area of the mirror used. Our Frameless beamsplitter unit are produced using a synthetic fused silica with low thermal expansion ratio equivalent.
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Frameless Beamsplitter Visible 400-700nm
6-12 weeks
Wavelength Range 400 - 700nm
Mirror Size 49×49×12mm
Coating clear aperture 48×48mm
Surface flatness clear aperture φ30mm
Transmission clear aperture φ20mm
Laser Damage Threshold<sup>*</sup> 2.1J/cm
* Laser Pulse width : 10ns , Pulse Repetition-Rate : 20Hz

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◦Laser damage threshold of the mirror is equivalent to our high power dielectric laser mirrors (TFMHP).
◦λ/10 surface accuracy guarantee after coating.
◦The Beamsplitter coating is equivalent to our ultra broadband dielectric half mirror (PSMH).
◦Fused Silica is used for our beamsplitters to minimize transmitted wavefront error(s).

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