Dielectric Cube Beamsplitters

Dielectric Cube Beamsplitters


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Cube beamsplitters with dielectric multi-layer coated on the hypotenuse face of a 45° right angle prism. Divides beams at reflected light (R): transmission light (T) ratio of 1:2 or 1:3.
Name Design wavelength Length Reflectance : Transmittance Delivery Price Add to cart
Dielectric Cube Beamsplitter 10mm 1:3 R/T Ratio
400 - 700nm 10mm 1:3
3-6 weeks
Dielectric Cube Beamsplitter 10mm 1:2 R/T Ratio
400 - 700nm 10mm 1:2
5-10 days
Dielectric Cube Beamsplitter 20mm 1:3 R/T Ratio
400 - 700nm 20mm 1:3
5-10 days
Dielectric Cube Beamsplitter 20mm 1:2 R/T Ratio
400 - 700nm 20mm 1:2
5-10 days

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◦Anti-reflection coating (AR coat) is applied to the incident and outgoing faces.
◦The dielectric multi-layer films has virtually zero light absorption and very low light intensity loss. However, transmittance and reflectance may change according to wavelength, polarization and incident angles.
◦In contrast to plate type half mirrors, cube mirrors have no ghosting or transmission optical path deviation.

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