Miniature Motorized Goniometer Stage


Miniature Motorized Goniometer Stage
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Small Motorized Goniometer
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Angle Range ±6°
Stage Size 25×25mm
Positioning Slide Dovetail slide method 
Transmission mechanism worm gear
Stage Material Brass
Finish Black chrome
Weight 0.28kg
Stage Height 16mm
Rotation Center Height 40mm
Resolution (Full) about 0.00334°/pulse
Resolution (Half) about 0.00167°/pulse
MAX Speed 3°/sec
Positional Repeatability ±0.01°
Load Capacity 9.8N(1.0kgf)
Moment Stiffness (Roll) 5″/N・cm
Lost Motion 0.05°
Sensor Part Number Micro photo sensor : GP1S092HCPIF(Sharp Corporation)
Limit Sensor Equipped (NORMAL CLOSE)
Origin Sensor None
Proximity Origin Sensor None
Motor / Motor Type 5-phase stepping motor 0.35A/phase (Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.)
Motor / Motor Part Number PK513PB-C9(□20mm)
Motor / Motor Step Angle 0.72°
Sensor / Power Voltage DC5 - 24V±10%
Sensor / Current Consumption 40mA or lower (20mA per sensor)
Sensor / Control Output NPN open collector output 50mA
Sensor / Output Logic When shaded: Output transistor OFF (no conduction)
Compatible Driver SG-5M, MC-S0514ZU, SG-514MSC
Compatible Controller GSC-01、GSC-02、SHOT-302GS、SHOT-304GS、SHOT-702、HIT-MV/HIT-SA、PGC-04-U

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