Controller for HLV3-series LED Spot Illumination


Controller for HLV3-series LED Spot Illumination
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Controller for HLV3-series LED Spot Illumination. Slim and palm-size, and can be mounted on a DIN rail by an adapter. Remote control also available.
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Controller for HLV3-series LED Spot Illumination Sources, 2 Channel
6-12 weeks
Part Name Power Supply for HLV3-series LED Spot Illumination Sources
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC
Dimensions W 86 mm x D 132 mm x H 62 mm
Number of channels 2 channels
Lighting method Continuous lighting
Drive method Constant-current system
Intensity control method Variable-current control
Power consumption 27 VA typ.
Output voltage 5.5 VDC (max. rating)
Intensity control Manual: Intensity control on front of unit External: Analog input voltage of 0 to 5 V (5.25 V max.)
Over current protection Operates at 105% (min.) of the rating current of the Spot Light and turns the output OFF.
Material Steel plate t1.0
Operating temperature and humidity Temperature: 0 to 40 ℃, Humidity: 20 % to 85 %RH (with no condensation)
Cooling method Natural air cooling
Output connector SMP-03V-BC [1: Sense/2: Output(+)/3: Output(-)] x 2
External control connector 15-pin D-sub plug with M2.6 mm screws
Weight 640 g max.
Accessories AC cord with ground wire (2 m), Instruction Guide
Conformed standards CE, UKCA, RoHS
Notes Applicable Light Unit: HLV3 / HLV2 Series

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Easy connection to the spot light and brightness control. Adapter available for connection to DIN rail. LED ON/OFF and brightness control are possible by PC with USB interface.Flash function is available with external trigger input.

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