Z Axis Rack and Pinion Dovetail Translation Z Stages


Z Axis Rack and Pinion Dovetail Translation Z Stages
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Z axis rack and pinion dovetail translation stages, suitable for frequent use that requires quick movement and long travel.
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25X50mm Dovetail Bearing, Brass, Z-Axis Stage, (Vertical Platform/Horizontal Base) Rack&Pinion Drive, +/-10mm, M4 Threads
25×50mm 10mm 9.8N (1.0kg)
2 weeks
Lead of Actuator about 20mm
Vernier Readable Resolution 0.1mm
Guide Method Dovetail method
Primary Material Brass
Finish Super black chrome
Travel Accuracy / Straightness 30μm
Max. Moment Capacity / Pitch 0.6N・m
Max. Moment Capacity / Roll 0.5N・m
Moment Stiffness / Pitch 1.53″/N・cm
Squareness 50μm

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The TAR series translation stages have dovetail rack and pinion guides.
They are suitable for frequent operations that require quick motion and long travel.

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