Elastic Modulus Monitoring Kit


Elastic Modulus Monitoring Kit
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The elastic modulus of the optical tweezers is easily determined by recorging the positional fluctuations of the captured beads with a high-speed camera and analyzing with a dedicated software.
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  • The measurement range is limited to about 0.1 pN/nm for 1 mm diameter beads..
  • The measurement results should be a reference values..
  • The power of the incident beam should be set to 200mW or less (referenced at 1064nm).


  • In order to run the analysis software, a PC with a separate software package (free of charge) installed is required.
  • High-speed camera, USB 3.0 cable (2.0m), camera holder, analysis software are sold as a set. You can download the software from our website.
  • Please refer the online manual for operating the analysis software. website.
  • The sample file for the operation check is enclosed with the analysis software.
  • Please prepare your own PC. (supported OS: Windows10®, external port USB3.0 port is required)
  • It can be used with the Optical Tweezer EDU, Optical Tweezer Mini or Micromanipulation Systems.

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◦The analysis software consists of two types of software: center of gravity quantification software and elastic modulus calculation software.
◦The elastic modulus is calculated from image data acquired by a high-speed camera.
◦The software is easy to use without the expensive equipment.

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