Cage Blade Type Automatic Shutter Core Unit Combination Set


Cage Blade Type Automatic Shutter Core Unit Combination Set
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A mechanical electromagnetic shutter that can be used to remotely turn the laser beam on and off, or to irradiate the light for a certain period of time. Please use it wtih the dedicated controller and cable connected.
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Attention ▶The contents of the assembly examples are subject to change in specifications without notice.
▶The high-speed automatic shutter cannot be used for high-power lasers or high-energy pulsed lasers.
▶The 1-axis/4-axis shutter controller (SSH-C4RA, SSH-C1RA, SSH-C1RA-H ) cannot be used.
▶Tightening the Cage rod or small aluminum guide too tightly may result in damage or malfunction.

Guide ▶Please use the 2-axis shutter controller (SSH-C2B) as a shutter controller and ▶SSH-CA2-LOAB(cable length; 2m) as a cable. WEB reference/catalog code W4105.
▶For optical cage systems and optical systems with core units, please contact our sales.

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◦It can be mounted on the core unit by the following combination.
◦Smaller, space-saving, and can be opened and closed faster than conventional products.
◦The shutter can be triggered externally via a shutter controller (SSH-C2B) or by a PC.

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