Manual 6 axis stage XYZ TipTilt Rotary



Elevate your precision positioning capabilities with our integrated 6-Axis Manual Stage Assembly. This top-tier assembly brings together four essential components, each designed for exceptional performance and accuracy. Z Stage: Our Z Stage is a 65x65mm exceptional bearing steel Z-axis stage, featuring a robust vertical platform with a base-side micrometer. It offers a 20mm travel range, making it ideal for vertical positioning with high precision. Its sturdy construction and M6 threads ensure reliable operation in demanding applications. XY Stage: The XY Stage is a compact yet powerful 25x25mm stage, built with exceptional bearings for smooth and accurate movement. It includes a side micrometer for precise adjustments and a 3mm travel range, perfect for detailed XY positioning tasks. The steel construction with M2 threads offers durability and precision. Goniometer: Enhance your angular positioning with our 25x25mm Goniometer. This brass dovetail 2-axis stage allows for up to 20 degrees of angular adjustment with an 18mm axis height. The right-handed worm gear ensures smooth and precise control, suitable for applications requiring intricate angular adjustments. Rotary Stage: Complete your setup with our 25mm diameter Rotary Stage. It features a brass lapped surface bearing for smooth 360-degree manual rotation. The stage includes a 5-degree fine adjustment micrometer drive, providing precise rotational control for exact positioning.

motorized polarized rotator

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