3-Wavelengths Objective Lenses


3-Wavelengths Objective Lenses
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This objective lens can be used for laser machining using pulsed laser of SHG (532nm), THG (355nm), and FHG (266nm) YAG laser. Objective lens provides high transmittance at three harmonic wavelengths of YAG.
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Name Magnification Numerical Aperture Working Distance WD Delivery Price Add to cart
3-Wavelengths Objective Lens 20mm Focal Length 10X
10× 0.2 13.5mm
6-12 weeks
Item name Mplan UV/NUV 10x
Magnification 10×
Numerical aperture (NA) 0.2
Working distance (WD) 13.5mm
Focal length f 20mm
Resolution (λ=550nm) 1.4μm
Focal depth (λ=550nm) ±6.9μm
Pupil diameter φ8mm
Real field of View (Eyepiece φ24mm) φ2.4mm
Real field of View (Imaging device 1/2-inch) 0.48×0.64mm
Weight 0.3kg
3-Wavelengths Objective Lens(NPAL-20-UV-YSTF)
20× 0.36 15.1mm
6-12 weeks
Item name Mplan UV/NUV 20x
Magnification 20×
Numerical aperture (NA) 0.36
Working distance (WD) 15.1mm
Focal length f 10mm
Resolution (λ=550nm) 0.76μm
Focal depth (λ=550nm) ±2.1μm
Pupil diameter φ7.2mm
Real field of View (Eyepiece φ24mm) φ1.2mm
Real field of View (Imaging device 1/2-inch) 0.24×0.32mm
Weight 0.35kg
3-Wavelengths Objective Lens(NPAL-50-UV-YSTF)
50× 0.42 10.0mm
in stock
Item name Mplan UV/NUV 50x
Magnification 50×
Numerical aperture (NA) 0.42
Working distance (WD) 10.0mm
Focal length f 4mm
Resolution (λ=550nm) 0.65μm
Focal depth (λ=550nm) ±1.6μm
Pupil diameter φ3.4mm
Real field of View (Eyepiece φ24mm) φ0.48mm
Real field of View (Imaging device 1/2-inch) 0.10×0.13mm
Weight 0.41kg

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◦With its long working distance and corrected field curvature, its natural observation image is obtained to the periphery of viewing the field.
◦It is the long working infinity correction function that is used to introduce a laser system and coaxial observation.
◦It allows observation of the sample with visible light (400 – 500nm).
◦Laser Damage Threshold (Typical) 0.09 J/cm2 (266nm), 0.1J/cm2 (355nm), 0.2J/cm2 (532nm) (Laser pulse width 10ns, repetition frequency 20Hz)

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