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Optical Design

Lens system that is used in optical products of Sigma Koki is originally designed.
Utilizing this design capability, to meet the needs of our customers, Sigma Koki provide lens design service. We will meet with a wide range of customer needs from design of a single lens to the optical system to be used in the satellite. Not limited to the lens design, we are operating an integrated inhouse production systems covering broad range of fabrication processes such as lens polishing, coating, housing, optical adjustment, electronic circuits, drive mechanism, and software.

  • We will offer a flexible service of custom lens design, from prototypes to a single test unit, and the mass-production item.
  • However, assuming that customer will be ordering for manufacture of optical lens or equipment, we will refuse the request of the lens design only.
  • To request a custom lens design, please use the “Contact sheet for Lens Design”.

Typical product with custom lens design

Achromatic Lenses

It is a cemented doublet lens to be used as the telescope and the laser collimator.
Optimal lens is designed from the parameters such as wavelength, focal length and clear aperture.
We can also design the achromat for dual-band wavelength or the range other than the visible.

Achromatic Lenses
Focusing Lenses

In a focusing lens for laser processing, performance close to the theoretical limit is required.
To meet this requirement, doublet or triplet lens should be designed to eliminate the spherical aberration.
Optimal lens design is achieved from the parameters like laser wavelength, focal length and spot size. We custom-design various focusing lenses in the ultra-violet region that requires a special glass, and achromatic design optimized to both invisible laser and guiding light.

Focusing Lenses
Objective Lenses

By eliminating the use of adhesive, and also preventing laser intensity to be high on lens surface, the objective lens can be used for normal microscope, but also designed to be used for high power laser processing.
Since observation of laser processing image is required, The objective lens is generally designed achromatic for both laser wavelength and visible.
It is also an important factor to take a long working distance as much as possible. In addition, a special design is needed for the objective lens used for laser processing through a thin glass substrate or multiple wavelengths.

Objective Lenses
fθ Lenses

A specially designed lens to be used for galvanometer scanners, and the laser patterning.
Has the effect of suppressing the distortion of the drawing pattern, or change of the line width between rim and center of the scanning range.
The design of the fθ lens changes by specifications of the galvanometer mirror, the scanning range, and the shape of the workpiece(the presence of irregularities or steps).

fθ Lenses
Laser Beam Expanders

An optical component that expand the narrow laser beam to a large diameter collimated beam.
The design of the beam expander, which is commonly used in the experiment are standardized. For a collimated beam of multiwavelength laser or specially large diameter, the custom lens design is needed.

Laser Beam Expanders

We have been designing various optical system like an illumination system, high precision camera lens for the imaging sensor, and zoom microscopes.


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