Optics & optical coatings


Substrates & Windows Selection Guide


Uncoated optical glasses (substrates) used for mirrors or beamsplitters.
If you want to construct mirrors or beamsplitters with custom specification, you will be able to apply custom coating to the standard substrates.

Applications Substrate to adapt
Mirrors Optical Flats (OFB/OFSQ/Others)
Optical Parallels (OPB/OPSQ/OPSQK)
Half mirrors
Optical Parallels (OPB/OPSQ/OPSQK)
Wedged Substrates (WSB/WSSQ/WSSQK)
Windows Optical Parallels (OPB/OPSQ/OPSQK)
Wedged Substrates (WSB/WSSQ/WSSQK)
Concave mirrors
(Laser cavity mirrors)
Concave Mirror Substrates (TCBS/LCBS)
Test plates
Interferometer reference mirrors
Optical Flats (HMPQP/HMPZP)
Master Optics
High power laser mirrors
X-ray mirrors
Low scattering substrate (OPSQSP/WSSQSP)


Windows for the optical instrument to be used when light is passed through the opposite side of the partition
or inside of the vacuum chamber.
Materials used to window changes depending on the wavelength used.
Since there are advantages and disadvantages depending on the material, please check the properties.

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