Motorized Stages


SGMV series Translation Motorized Stages AC servo Motor (SGMV)

High precision/high stiffness stages driven by AC servo motor. The stage structure unifies the functions of precision linear guide and precision ball screw, places the linear guide, inner block (table) and drive ball screw at the same position, and uses high stiffness U-shape outer rail for the guide to offer small footprint with large load rating.

  • AC servo motor stages are recommended for production equipment that runs at high speed accompanied by rapid acceleration/deceleration for reduction of takt time, because they generate sufficient torque in high-speed area and are less subject to position deviation.
  • Stepping motor stages are recommended for positioning of optical systems that requires stability at rest.
Motor Type Stepping Motor Servo Motor
Control Method Open loop control Semi-closed loop control
Torque Characteristic Torque is large in low speed and small in high-speed area Generate the same torque throughout the low-speed area to high-speed area
Stability at Rest Very stable under normal conditions,but cannot detect position deviation caused by external force, etc. Deviation may occur within the range of in position, but it returns to the original position by detecting position deviation due to external force, etc.
with an encoder.
Recommended Application Applications that exert light load and require stability at rest, such as positioning and measurement in optical systems or small areas Applications that do not allow position deviation even during high-speed operation or load fluctuation, such as production lines

The control system has automatic tuning functions, and a stage controller system usable just by connecting with a special cable as well as servo pack that has high compatibility with the existing FA system are available.

Configuration Example

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