Mirror Holders Selection Guide


MHG and MHAN mirror holders require working areas of about two diameter sizes of the mirrors.
MMHN and BSHL mirror holders are good for applications that do not require high operability or resolution.
The BSHL series adjustment is vertical allowing for the holders to be arranged close to each other.

Beamsplitter compatible mirror holders

Some mirror holders can be used only for mirrors, while other mirror holders can hold a beamsplitter and handle transmitted light.
Furthermore, among the holders which can handle transmitted light, some holders like the BHAN series can handle beams from both left and right directions, while other holders like the MHG and MHI series can handle transmitted beam from only one side.
When using a holder with transmitted light, please check the transmitted beam diameter at 45 degrees incidence listed in the specification table of each product.

Post type and Mounting type

The two types of mirror holders are the post type that come with a post, and the mounting type that can be mounted onto a base plate or adapter plate. The post type of mirror holders is useful when adjusting optical axis height frequently.
The mounting type is useful when space is limited in the optical system, or used in an OEM device application. The optical axis height must be set in the design because the mounting type has a fixed height.
Some of the mounting type holders can be mounted onto a post directly, or converted to fit a post using an adapter plate.

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