Application System


Laser Optical tweezers - Mini type (LMS)

A new lineup of Laser Optical tweezers - Mini type is now available.

  • 1064nm near-infrared laser trapping minimizes the damage on cells and biomolecules.
  • Laser irradiation is fixed to center of field of view in microscope.
  • Downsized optical unit is directly connectable to the microscope port.
  • Optional microscope motorized stage system broaden the variety of biological applications.

Advantages of Mini type Laser Optical tweezers

  • Entry model with competitive prices.
  • Directly connected to the existing microscope port, which offers great extensibility. (Please inform us of the manufacturer and model number of your existing microscope when inquiring.)
  • Upgrading to the full-featured Micro Manipulation System is available. (Reutilizing the 2W trapping laser and the internal optical elements are possible. Please contact to the sales for details.)
  • Laser optical tweezers are usuful tool for various types of feasibility test and applications of near-infrared irradiation.
Mini Optical tweezers / Trapping Laser 2W
Part Number Equipment Configuration
LMS-M1064-2000 Basic model / without shutter
LMS-M1064-2000/1S Basic model / with shutter
LMS-M1064-2000/E Electric focus model / without shutter
LMS-M1064-2000/E/1S Electric focus model / with shutter
LMS-AD-NI-BP *1 Adapter for Nikon (Ti, TE2000 supported)
LMS-AD-OL-BP *1 *2 Adapter for Olympus microscopes (IX73, 83 supported)
LMS-AD-OL-RP *1 Adapter for Olympus microscopes right side port (IX71, 81 supported)