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BIOS-Light for inverted microscopes (BIOS-LT-S)

bios lightbios light

We provide XY stages for microscopes at low prices.

  • Comes equipped with sample software for controlling PCs.
  • joystick (option) can be connected to it.
  • Can also be used as built-in center aperture type stage.
  • Pulse control in microstep system
  • Content of basic set: XY automatic stage, 2-axis stage controller, connection cable
  • An optional joystick controller has a 4-stage speed switching function
  • Please inform us of the maker and part number(model) of your existing microscope before purchase.
  • Some models of microscopes may not be supported. Please contact the sales department.
Travel Distance [mm] X axis: 110 Y axis: 75
Resolution [µm] 0.1
Positional Repeatability [µm] ±1
Maximum Load Capacity [N] 29.4 (3.0kgf)
MAX Speed [mm/sec] 5
Interface RS232C
Applicable Microscope Olympus: BX series
Nikoc: 80i, 50i, E600
Carl Zeiss: Axioplan2
Various Options
Part Number Product Name
BIOS-SH-A Micro plate holder
BIOS-SH-APS Micro plate holder
BIOS-SH-B Universal sample holder
JS-300 Joystick controller
MDR14-CA-2.5 Joystick connection cable
RS232C/STR-3 RS232C cable
Sample Holder Sample Holder
サンプルソフト サンプルソフト
BIOS-Light (for inverted microscopes) Basic set
Part Number Product Name
BIOS-L101T-S Stage + SHOT-702 + Connection cable (basic set)
Microscope option set: Olympus IX series
Part Number Product Name
BIOS-L101T-S/AO Basic set + Adapter
BIOS-L101T-S/AO/J Basic set + Adapter + Joystick
Microscope option set: Nikon Ti, TE2000 series
Part Number Product Name
BIOS-L101T-S/AN Basic set + Adapter
BIOS-L101T-S/AN/J Basic set + Adapter + Joystick

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