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The film calculation Software [essential Macleod]   Download : 3.3MB  Explanation Page



  • August 08,2016 / SGSample was upgraded to Ver.1.1.2 from Ver.1.1.1.
  • July 04,2016 / SGSample was upgraded to Ver.1.1.1 from Ver.1.1.0.
  • December 08,2015 / SGSample was upgraded to Ver.1.0.8 from Ver.1.0.7.
  • October 01,2015 / SGSample was upgraded to Ver.1.0.7 from Ver.1.0.6. Main changes: It supports HSC-103.
  • Jun 02,2015 / HIT_Sample was upgraded to Ver.2.1.0 from Ver.2.0.4. Main changes: It improved about a communication.
  • April 02,2015 / SGSample was upgraded to Ver.1.0.6 from Ver.1.0.5. Main changes: It corrected problems about a communication.
  • March 24,2015 / BIOSControl and SSH-C4B_Sample was upgraded to Ver.1.0.2 from Ver.1.0.1
  • Mar 17,2015 / SGSample was upgraded to Ver.1.0.5 from Ver.1.0.3. Main changes: It corrected problems about a communication test.
  • Jun 25,2014 / HIT_Sample was upgraded to Ver.2.0.4 from Ver.2.0.3.


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