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Can I use SGACTX by VisualBasic.NET?

You cannot use SGACTX by VisualBasic.NET.
Although SGACTX corresponds by VisualBasic6.0, it does not support VisualBasic.NET.


Even if I use the SetSpeed method, why might not I be able to set the speed?

Fault was found in a part of SetSpeed method. Please perform the following processing, when you use SetSpeed method.

After setting the type of the stage controller used to StageController property, please make (-1) into an argument and call CreateHelperForm method, before calling SetSpeed method.

If the timing which calls CreateHelperForm is between StageController and SetSpeed, it is good always.

SGCtlXE1.StageController = TypeMark202SP   'Set the type of the stage controller.
Call SGCtlXE1.CreateHelperForm(-1)    'Call CreateHelperForm. (Window is not displayed.)
rtn = SGCtlXE1.SetSpeed(2,1000,2000,500)   'Call SetSpeed

Originally, CreateHelperForm displays window for setting up the type of the stage controller and communication conditions. But, if (-1) is made into an argument and CreateHelperForm is called, it will return by False, without performing anything. (Window is not displayed.)

When a window is displayed by CreateHelp

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