Project Avatar


Discover OptoSigma’s brand new series : Project Avatar. It’s a series of comics around breakthroughs in science guided by the photonics revolution. Follow the Adventures of our Robot/Hero Kazu in the latest and future editions of OptoSigma’s Project Avatar comics. Email us to get your hands on a paper version.

Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3

Interview with Professor Joseph Kalman in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering department at CSULB.

His research is featured in OptoSigma’s comic book, Project Avatar.

Project Avatar is a comic created to feature OptoSigma’s Optic and Optomechanical parts in a robot, named Kazu, who self assembles after a Gamma Ray blasts a hole in the OptoSigma building.

More about Dr. Joseph KALMAN here.

Presenting Kazu !


1) MHX-25.4F-R

2) LACR-4H

3) PAL-50-NIR-L

4) KSPB-906FP

5) GOHT-40A40BMS

6) MHX-50.8A

7) OSP-1-230

8) C60-CB-H50.8

9) PSCS-11.5UU

10) SZLM

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