Project Avatar

Discover OptoSigma’s brand new series : Project Avatar. It’s a series of comics around breakthroughs in science guided by the photonics revolution. Follow the Adventures of our Robot/Hero Kazu in the latest and future editions of OptoSigma’s Project Avatar comics. Email us to get your hands on a paper version.

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Interview with Professor Joseph Kalman in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering department at CSULB.

His research is featured in OptoSigma’s comic book, Project Avatar.

Project Avatar is a comic created to feature OptoSigma’s Optic and Optomechanical parts in a robot, named Kazu, who self assembles after a Gamma Ray blasts a hole in the OptoSigma building.

More about Dr. Joseph KALMAN here.

Presenting Kazu !


1) Mirror mount, stainless steel, high-stability, rear-loading, 3 hex adjusters

2) Motorized Rotary Turret for 4 Objectives

3) Infrared (NIR) Objective Lens

4) Brass, Crossed-Roller Bearing Rotation Stage, 360 Deg Manual Rotation

5) Goniometer, EXC Bearings, 1-Axis, Micrometer

6) Mirror mount, stainless steel, high-stability, front-loading, 2 hex adjusters

7) Power Supply for 1mW HeNe Laser (OSK-6328-1)

8) Cage Mounting Cube

9) Pedestal Fork Clamp, Stainless Steel

10) Motorized Zoom Microscope With Optical Magnification

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