Post Holders & Clamps

Post Holders & Clamps

Posts (or Rods) provide a simple means for mounting optical components at particular heights from the base. These posts are 1/2 inch (112.7mm) in diameter and incorporate precision machined features which make them more convenient to use. Half inch diameter stainless steel posts are machined with a 1/4-20 or M6 female threads on one end and an 8-32 or M4 female threads on the other end. They may be stud mounted to a wide variety of component holders. A 4mm clearance hole through the middle of the post provides for the use of a torque bar for tightening. Post collars are offered separately to hold the posts at a preset height. Post holders are made from aluminum and are equipped with a spring-loaded clamp screw to hold the posts (Rods) in position. The base of the post holders are fitted with a 1/4-20 or M6 female thread for attachment to a variety of bases. An adjustable height post holder provides 10mm of vertical adjustment which is actuated by the rotation of a knurled ring. We offer a variety of sizes of post holders matching the posts and they are all available in varying lengths. Cross clamps are used to connect two posts together. The half inch posts may be jointed to each other, or to our 6mm posts. Both fixed perpendicular and rotational clamps are offered. These clamps are the split ring type which provide high clamping force. For ease of use, they are equipped with capstan crews. All types provide strong clamping force.

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