Holders and Mounts

Holders and Mounts
  • Mirror Mounts

  • Lens Mounts


    OptoSigma offers a broad selection of Lens mounts (Lens Holders). Some holders are fixed and others have adjustments to position the optics. Each holder is equipped with an 8-32 or M4 thread for mounting onto a post, pedestal, or fixed base. Center heights are in multiples of 5mm and appropriate spacers are available to compensate for height differences within the system. For experimental and prototype use, these holders may be mounted onto optical breadboards or rails.

  • Polarizer Holders


    The most common requirement for polarizers is to rotate them about the optical axis. Sometimes it is only necessary to set them at the correct orientation but in some applications, it is necessary to rotate the polarizer during use. Our polarizer holders are available in two configurations. Micrometer driven polarizer holders offer high precision adjustment for the most demanding polarization rotation applications. The micrometer drive version provides continuous 360-degree coarse adjustment and 10 degrees of fine micrometer adjustment. Lever type polarizer rotators are suitable for less precise applications. Simply grasp the lever protruding from the side of the holder to rotate and set the polarizer angle, while maintaining the axis on the optical centerline. Once in place the angle can be locked by using the clamp screw. Both types of holders are offered for 20, 30 and 50mm diameter polarizers or waveplates. Adapters are available for most common mica and calcite polarizers. The base of the holder is threaded 8-32 or M4 for use with our post and post holder or pedestal base mounting systems.

  • Filter Mounts


    OptoSigma’s optical filter mounts enable you to easily change and mount your filters in your set up. We offer a variety of sizes and clamping methods that can be used with round, square, or rectangular filters. These optical filter mounts can be integrated with our cage system, customized for your OEM system or mounted directly onto an optical table. Please contact us for custom optical filter mount solutions.

  • Screen and Light Shielding plate

  • Camera Holders

  • Grating Holders

  • Prism Holders


    Prisms and cube beamsplitters need to be openly mounted so that the entrance and exit beams can pass unimpeded. OptoSigma prism holders (aka prism tables) provide a flat surface with either two or three axes of tilt adjustment built in. The prism can be placed on top of the table and secured by means of a spring clamp. Thumbwheels protruding from the side of the table are used to adjust the tilt of the table over a range of 4 degrees. The third axis, when present, is adjusted over a range of 6 degrees by means of a knob protruding from the side. The base of the tables is threaded 8-32 or M4 for inch or metric post mounting. Alternatively, Prism holders can be mounted directly onto a base plate or a stage by using the two clearance holes provided. The tip-tilt adjustment is built in. 2-axis and 3-axis adjustment versions are available. Prism clamps included. Three standard sizes are available. These Prism tables can be post mounted.

  • Laser Beam Expanders Holders


    OptoSigma’s laser beam expander mounts feature tip tilt and centering adjustments. Adaptors for mounting laser beam expanders to lens holders are compatible with OptoSigma’s BE/LBED/LBE beam expanders.

  • Square Optics Holders


    Square Optics holder and spherical optics holders are part of our adjustable lens holder family. The adjustable bar with separate clamps holds lenses securely and accept Square lenses and spherical lenses, respectively. The adjustable bar type of lens holder has been in common use for a long time. These holders have V-grooves in both the base and the bar to hold the lens more precisely. There is a separate clamp which makes it easy to apply the correct pressure to the lens after loosely positioning the bar in place. Each size accepts a range of lenses. The spherical lens type is intended for holding circular lenses, while the cylindrical lens type is more suitable for rectangular shape lenses. Choose the square optic holder for Square optics and choose the special optics holder for spherical lenses.

  • Dry Plate Holders

  • Laser Holders


    Laser mounts are used for mounting and alignment of tube laser sources. OptoSigma offers a variety of laser mounts such as laser tube mounts, cylindrical laser mounts and a kinematic laser holder. You can rely on OptoSigma's high precision manufacturing to ensure stability in your optical setup.

  • Test Target Holders

  • Beam Shaping Diffusers Holders