Large Diameter Mirror Mounts

Large Diameter Mirror Mounts

Large diameter mounts are made to position and align mirrors with diameters from 80 to 300 mm. In addition to their diameter capacity, they have exceptional adjustment sensitivity and do not exhibit any adjustment cross-talk during alignment.

Φ80.0 (3.2")*
Φ100 (3.9")*
Φ101.6 (4.0")
Φ150 (5.9")*
Φ152.4 (6.0")
Φ200 (7.9")*
Φ203.2 (8.0")
Φ254 (10.0")
Φ300 (11.8")*

  • Low stress axial optic mounting clamps
  • True gimbal adjustment mechanism eliminates cross-talk
  • Differential micrometers provide sub arc-second sensitivity
  • Large Mirror Mounts
  • Extra Large Gimbal Mounts
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