High Parallelism Aluminium Mirrors


High Parallelism Aluminium Mirrors
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This is a vapor-deposited aluminum flat mirror with the substrate polished with high accuracy, designed for high reflectivity at any incident angle.
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Attention ▶For aluminum mirrors without a protective film, (TFAN/TFAQN) handle carefully as they can be easily scratched oxidation builds up in the surface. Do not rub the surface with paper or cloth as this will harm the surface. For long term storage, use a de-oxidizer to prevent the oxidation.
▶When a laser light is transmitted with multiple mirrors installed there will be a large amount of light loss due to the absorption of the aluminum coating. Please consider using dielectric multi-layer mirrors (TFM) for improved performance.
▶The reflectance specification are represented by the average of the reflectance of P polarized light and S polarized light. Reflectance may vary depending on the polarization state of the incident beam.

Guide ▶If you need a higher reflectance aluminum mirror, please kindly contact us.
▶Should you require a surface accuracy analysis/data, please kindly contact our sales group.
▶For non-standard sizes other than those listed in the product table, please kindly contact us.
▶Pyrex® is a registered trademark of Corning Inc.

Name Diameter φD Material Protective Coating Parallelism Surface Flatness Delivery Price Add to cart
High Parallelism Aluminum Mirrors
40mm BK7 Yes <2'' λ/10
6-12 weeks
Material BK7
Coating Al+MgF2
Parallelism <0′02″
Incident angle
Laser Damage Threshold 0.25J/cm2
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig) 40-20
Diameter φD φ40mm
Thickness t 6mm
Surface Flatness λ/10
Rear surface Polished

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◦With four types to choose from; (TFAN/TFAQN) which is coated with aluminum only, (TFA/TFAQ) which is coated with a protective coating against accidental hard scratches, (TFAE) which is coated aluminum and a protective coating to increase the reflectance of ultraviolet and lastly, (OPBA/OPSQA) which provides Aluminum with protective coat on the optical parallel substrate.
◦For ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared light applications.
◦For low thermal expansion mirrors, we have (TFAQ/TFAQN) which is made of Synthetic fused silica that provides high rigidity and high precision surface quality.

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