Laser Checker

Laser Checker


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Compact and lightweight power meter for checking laser output that is small enough to fit into a pocket or tool kit.

Attention ▶Laser-shielding protective gear must be worn during use.

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Laser Checker
400 - 1064nm
5-10 days

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◦Press the Sample/Hold button to power on, center the laser beam on the sensor for two seconds or more while holding down the button. Release the button to see a measurement of the power.
◦It will automatically power off after 10 seconds when a measurement is completed.
◦Maximum power density is 30W/cm2 when the built-in ND attenuator is used, and 0.5W/cm2 when the attenuator is not used.
◦Sensor disk is made of silicon and has an 8mm aperture.
◦Battery life is 180,000 measurements at 12 sec/sample. The built-in lithium cell is not replaceable.
◦As overload warning, "---" will be displayed on the LCD screen with beep tone.
◦Microprocessor controlled with wavelength correction, auto-range (μW or mW), attenuator, power overload warning, and auto-stop functions.