Gold Flat Mirrors (Square)

Gold Flat Mirrors (Square)


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Gold (Au) coated reflection mirrors have high reflectance over wide infrared range.
Name A x B Material Rear Surface Delivery Price Add to cart
Gold Flat Mirror BK7 30x30mm
30mm x 30mm BK7 Ground
5-10 days
Gold Flat Mirror Hard glass 50x50mm
50mm x 50mm Hard glass Polished
5-10 days
Gold Flat Mirror BK7 20x20mm
20mm x 20mm BK7 Ground
5-10 days
Gold Flat Mirror BK7 25x25mm
25mm x 25mm BK7 Ground
3-6 weeks

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◦Chromium (Cr) is used as the undercoated to better reinforce the adhesion of gold to the substrate.
◦ Gold mirrors with silicon substrates have higher durability than glass because gold coating adheres much stronger to silicon and has a higher thermal conductivity. (thermal conductivity of silicon is 111 times better compared to glass)

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